Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rainy Wedding Day

With all of the nasty rain we've been having this week, I've begun to think about the very real potential of a soggy wedding day for Shawn and I this September. Yes, we chose to have a wedding on the coast in the middle of hurricane season. (and NOT the hockey team that Shawn so loves.)

Thankfully,  even though our wedding ceremony and reception have the feel of outdoors, both are fully covered - so even if it does rain cats and dogs ... it'll just add a sense of romance - the kind of romance that includes love all around you, candles flickering and drizzle hitting a tin roof. (Plus, our venue Boone Hall Plantation, is where that wonderfully memorable scene from the Notebook was filmed - the one where Noah and Ally embrace in the pouring rain ... be still my heart.)

If it's going to rain on a girl's wedding day, it makes things so much better if it's the same rain at the same location of a storm in a Hollywood romance.

Just to make myself feel better I bought some adorable rain-boots like these below (shot by our wedding photographer at another one of her weddings). My purple boots will help me to embrace the day - regardless of weather. (but no, they will not make an appearance if the weather is fine ... I have some sassy high heels that are much preferred :)

Even if it's bright and sunny, I'll be taking my purple boots on our honeymoon to Ireland where they are SURE to get some use. :)