Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dress Distress

Of all the exciting things that come along with being newly engaged and planning a wedding, one of the most thought-consuming aspects of the entire process is finding that perfect dress. "You'll just know!" everyone tells me, "You won't have any doubts when you finally find it!" "I chose the first gown I tried on!"

... at this point I've probably tried on 40 wedding gowns. I've had half a dozen that I truly liked, but not one really took my breath away. Whether it's because the size is too large (or small), or perhaps the sales lady is snotty (why do they even hire women like that at bridal shops??), something always seems just a little off with my dress-shopping experience.

I thought I knew what I wanted, but I tried it on, and it turned out to not be the case. Is it possible that there really is a "perfect dress" out there? Not every women could possibly have that "aha" moment. I have months before I really have to start to decide and I'm still holding out hope that everyone is right, that I'll find my dream dress ... I just wish it would be sooner rather than later! 

Friday, April 17, 2009


Recently administration at UNCG has started to discuss the fate of the Quad located in the center of campus. Seven historic buildings are at the point where the decision must be made to build anew or renovate. For those of us who study Historic Preservation, there is no question that the option to renovate and save these historic buildings is the only way. Over the past 10 days, Chancellor Brady has held a Forum as well as an open Board of Trustees meeting. During the first meeting it was clear that preservationists were in the large majority. The second meeting however was stacked with undergraduates who work for Residence Life. (Now I wonder who asked them to come? Hmmm....) It was pretty obvious that they were asked to attend the meeting based on their complete ignorance to the issue at hand. Where were their concerns during the first meeting? No where - they could have cared less. If the decision is made to save the Quad, those who spoke out against it will likely only acknowledge the issue in passing because they were never truly invested in it to begin with. I don't yet know if the decision will be made to keep or demolish the Quad, but I hope that the Board of Trustees listened to what we had to say. 
In a high-tech world where our classes, friends, conversations and relationships can take place over the internet, we truly need our historic buildings to provide us with a tangible connection to our past. I can only hope that Chancellor Brady and the Board of Trustees understand the importance of the Quad in the built landscape of UNCG. It is in their hands now to either save history or destroy it. 

Below are some photos taken of a good number of us on the Quad (minus Sarah who was a huge part of this but unable to attend). The slogan "This Place Matters" is from the National Trust Campaign of the same name which has encouraged readers to take a photo of themselves in front of a historic building and declare to the world that "THIS PLACE MATTERS!"

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yippppppeeeeeee! Shawn proposed to me underneath the Middleton Oak tree in Charleston SC! It was amazing and I love him!!! :) Here are some photos! 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Giving in to Temptation

I'm a sucker for anything eclectic or vintage. If it has ruffles or peacock feathers on it -  I want it. It really is quite the obsession, but I've managed to keep myself in check. I shop at Ross, or Target, and I can do sale %s in my head better than anyone else. Usually my connoisseurship of all things cheap, keeps me guilt free in the shopping department. 

Until now. 

Greensboro has recently introduced an Anthropologie store to the consuming masses. Ha! Who did they think they were fooling?? I went to visit it, but I was never going to fall for those overpriced tank tops, fancy furniture, duvets to-die-for and ... OMG that's the cutest dress I've ever seen. 

So that's pretty much how things went. I decided to be good and walk away though - really I did! ... but 2 hours later when I realized that the tax return I had forgotten about was direct-deposited into my checking account ... I pretty much decided it was a sign that the dress and I were destined to be together. 

Although I will admit the internet picture does it NO justice, this dress is really fabulous and just feels like ME! I've vowed to not buy another one until my and Shawn's 3 year anniversary next August ... so until then, my new dress and I will enjoy many adventures like Charleston, my birthday and 4th of July. Yeehee!  

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Charleston Hopes

So the Spring Semester is quickly underway and classes actually seem slightly more manageable than last Fall (knock on wood). I will be going with my Architectural Conservation class to Virginia and then Pittsburg in April to see Monticello (I think?) and then Falling Water! Although I'm not a huge fan of the modernist movement, Frank Llyod Wright (architect of Falling Water), is a legend and I'm thrilled to be able to see one of his masterpieces (despite the structural issues that I've heard it's now facing!). Here is a photo of it:

Shawn and I will be heading to Charleston in the mean time, just for a few days though, to renew our spirits and have a little getaway over Spring Break! It should be fun, we're staying at the Inn at Middleton Plantation, which is on National Geographic's Places to Stay list! Below is a photo of the Battery in Charleston, SC. 

Inn at Middleton Place (What our room looks like!) 

It should be a fabulous time, I can't wait, only a month to go until our trip!

I've also been looking into an internship in Charleston at the Historic Charleston Foundation, and if that doesn't pan out, then perhaps Drayton Hall Plantation. I really think Charleston has some amazing preservation examples that I'd be able to learn a great deal from, but as these are tough economic times NO ONE can afford to pay interns, which means that I have to fork over $2000 of my savings to intern in Charleston. It's somewhat disheartening really, but I don't want to pass up what could be an amazing opportunity. Hopefully the Lord will provide something that will allow such a move to be affordable! :) Below is a picture of Drayton Hall

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 Year in Review & Charleston Planning!

I thought with the brand new 2009 year quickly getting underway that I would update on all that's happened in 2008, along with new info from the few months I've left out since my last entry in October!

2008 saw:

- my acceptance into graduate school
- graduation Magna Cum Laude from college!
- moving to a new city - Greensboro!
- discovering my favorite restaurant: PF Chang's
- Andy got married
- Beck and Bill got married
- started graduate school at UNCG
- went to Philly and learned a TON!
- had the best birthday ever at Biltmore!
- Shawn and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary in Charlotte
- I worked at both SESAH and PNC conferences
- visited Old Salem for the first time
- Engagements of Mike & Danielle, Dawn & Stephen, Arthur & Hayley, Faye & Ryan
- spent my first Christmas eve/day in three years with Shawn

So with all that excitement, classes for my first semester in grad school ended in early December and I managed to make it out of the semester with all A's!! Excitement! I have three more tough classes starting in the Spring though!

In other fabulous news, Shawn and I booked our trip to Charleston over Spring Break in March! I simply cannot wait! I've never been there, but it has always been somewhere I've wanted to visit! We will be staying at the Inn at Middleton, which is a part of Middleton Plantation. We plan on spending the first day visiting plantations and all of the second day in downtown Charleston, trying fun restaurants and picking up souvenirs. I've made a list of things I want to do while we are in Charleston:

- touch baby sheep
- ride in a carriage
- enjoy mossy oak trees
- see ginormous bridge
- walk on cobblestone streets
- kayak
- use the fireplace in our room
- touch peacock
- Happy Hour!
- Visit Boone, Magnolia, Drayton Hall and Middleton plantations
- Shop on King Street
- Visit the public city market
- walk down rainbow row
- put feet in the water!
- sit on a dock
- try their sweet tea
- find one FABULOUS souvenir
- throw penny/make a wish
- listen to live music
- eat at the "flipped" Crab shack, as seen on TLC "Flip this House"
- wrestle alligators
- milk a cow
- take at least 500 photos

I can't wait to see all that 2009 brings! :)