Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hopefully good things happen in 2's!

With September flying by, I simply cannot believe that October begins TUESDAY!!! I have quite a busy month ahead of me! 

A tough midterm, finishing my editing on the manuscript, two conferences to attend, two weddings and a trip to Philadelphia for two days! I also have have two projects this semester focusing on the adaptive reuse of historic churches and I'll be conducting two tours in of local Greensboro churches in November!! 

I'm having to manage my time pretty closely to make sure I get all of my readings for class done - not fun!!! I can't wait for Fall Break to finally take a mini-break from all this stuff!!! Although much of it is stressful, I have the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia on October 14th! I have to miss a class (Uggh) but I'll have the chance to meet a few key people in the preservation field up at the Sacred Places office! I'm even going to be doing some research in their clearinghouse! 

At the moment I'm trying the best to finish my paper on the "Radicalism of the American Revolution" - quite interesting, but also a little mind-numbing! haha ... I suppose I should get back to it, I'll update more later! :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Believe it or not, Shawn and I spent yet another weekend in Charlotte! Although we didn't plan on it, we managed to get some tickets to the ECU/VTech game so we headed to the Queen city for another adventure! Although traffic put us at the stadium just in time to HEAR the kickoff, it was so nice to be back in the atmosphere of a football game! Not to mention ECU WON!!!!! FABULOUS. Just FABULOUS! :) We made it back to our hotel to be pleasantly surprised by the new Hyatt! Our room was HUGE! After walking a few miles at the South Park Mall we hit up the Village Tavern and then headed home to enjoy the King size bed and relax. Shawn ended up falling asleep while I watched MSNBC and worked on reading through Dr. Elliot's manuscript. 

Ahh yes ... classes officially started in my graduate school career! Although I was worried at first, I'm very interested in my classes this semester!! American Landscapes and Architecture, Colloquium in American History and Historic Preservation Principals and Practice - exciting, right? While my professors managed to be energetic and friendly, they also managed to insist that I buy a good $400 worth of textbooks. Ehhh. 

I also started my Graduate Assistantship which will mean I spend 5 hours a week grading papers, and 10 hours editing Dr. Elliot's manuscript on Albion Tourgee. 600 pages of documents written in the mid-1800s, to be completed by the end of the month. I'm making it through though, and its actually quite interesting! 

I am also completing my short article on First Presbyterian Church that will be published in the October edition of Landmarks magazine! I'm set to meet with FPC's PR department to go over my final draft. - I'll keep everything updated! :)