Sunday, August 24, 2008

After our anniversary weekend!

We're back home and relaxing after an eventful weekend in Charlotte! We managed to take a walk downtown when we got to the hotel in the morning which was fun ... aside from all the bums on every park bench. After checking in and grabbing lunch we decided to hit up Discovery Place ( I was under the impression it was like a miniature Smithsonian ... instead a large scale 3rd grade science fair). Of all the people I told I was going to Discovery Place too - NO ONE mentioned it was for elementary school students!!! LOL we had fun though and made the best of it, then hit up the mall and later went out to eat! 

Classes are officially starting tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it (for now)! We'll see how my opinions change throughout the semester! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Orientations & Charlotte!

As I begin my cram session of orientations here at UNCG I can't help but think that everyone must assume I'm walking around confused on the campus because I'm a new freshman. I wish I could wear a sign saying "NO! I'm NOT a freshman and NO I won't be living in the dorm near you!" 

I've found out after my registration session with Dr. Filene that I am the ONLY Historic Preservation student in the History Department! Everyone else is Museum Studies, and I'll instead be sharing a number of classes with Interior Architecture students - pretty neat! I have my History Graduate Assistant orientation tonight and then regular Grad orientation in the morning, followed by the History Grad orientation tomorrow night, followed by a welcome party at Dr. Barton's house. Wish me luck! 

After a packed week, Shawn and I will be heading to Charlotte for the weekend and staying at the Historic Dunhill Hotel in uptown Charlotte to celebrate our 2 year anniversary!!! How exciting! We're dying to get a break from everyday life and spice things up a bit with a night on the town! :) 

A ton of things will be going on in the next few weeks - I'll keep everything posted! 

Perry McKenzie