Thursday, March 5, 2009

Giving in to Temptation

I'm a sucker for anything eclectic or vintage. If it has ruffles or peacock feathers on it -  I want it. It really is quite the obsession, but I've managed to keep myself in check. I shop at Ross, or Target, and I can do sale %s in my head better than anyone else. Usually my connoisseurship of all things cheap, keeps me guilt free in the shopping department. 

Until now. 

Greensboro has recently introduced an Anthropologie store to the consuming masses. Ha! Who did they think they were fooling?? I went to visit it, but I was never going to fall for those overpriced tank tops, fancy furniture, duvets to-die-for and ... OMG that's the cutest dress I've ever seen. 

So that's pretty much how things went. I decided to be good and walk away though - really I did! ... but 2 hours later when I realized that the tax return I had forgotten about was direct-deposited into my checking account ... I pretty much decided it was a sign that the dress and I were destined to be together. 

Although I will admit the internet picture does it NO justice, this dress is really fabulous and just feels like ME! I've vowed to not buy another one until my and Shawn's 3 year anniversary next August ... so until then, my new dress and I will enjoy many adventures like Charleston, my birthday and 4th of July. Yeehee!  

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