Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wooden Pallet Inspiration

With the realization that our wedding is getting closer (8 weekends for me to prepare - WHAT?!), I've put the preparation of my wedding crafts into overdrive. Yesterday, Shawn and I found a listing on Craig's List for free wooden pallets to anyone who would take them from a furniture store out in Cary. Although he rolled his eyes, Shawn went with me (and brought his new tools) to salvage some wood for a wedding DIY.

This is how they started:

After a feverish burst of creative energy, I produced these wooden signs that we'll be using throughout the wedding/surrounding area:

The "parking" and "wedding" signs will be cut to point the way for our guests, the "ceremony" sign helps to divert everyone around the reception area to the waterside ceremony, and the "Mr." & "Mrs." signs will be hung on the back of our chairs ... completely excited that these bad boys cost us NOTHING ... aside from the paint and a splinter in my finger. 

Next up: an update on our AMAZING corn-hole boards for the cocktail hour! 


Faye said...

super cute!! 8 weeks and counting! cant' wait!!!

Joe and Melody said...

love it! and I'm with Faye, I cannot wait!! Oh, and please forewarn everyone that I am a MASTER at cornhole.

Perry McKenzie said...

Thanks, y'all!! :) Mel - you're going to have to show some of our guests how it's done!!!