Sunday, January 9, 2011


Is there a cure for wanderlust? As I lay awake at night thinking of rolling green hills and the ruins of castles, I begin to think that though my mind is happy to wander the hours away on images of Ireland, I highly doubt it's good for me.

Ever since our honeymoon to Ireland, a trip I had always dreamed of, I haven't been able to get it out of my brain for too long. I've been hoping it would fade, as it still may, but as of now I am desperately longing to return to the Green Isle. I try to remind myself of their struggling government, crippled economy and non-existent job market, but pictures of cobbled streets, staggering cliffs and friendly locals creep back in.

As I teeter on the edge of another weekend's end, waiting to enter back into the real world I contemplate another woman over in Ireland. Of everyone out there, there must be one girl over in Ireland dreaming of crossing the Atlantic to come to the United States; does she dream of the opportunities, or the sparkle of New York City?

Unless someone in Ireland is over there wanting to trade places for a bit (and yes, I am up for it!), I'll have to find all of the things I love about where I am here in Raleigh, which is actually a pretty length list! Shawn and I decided to do something new, or go somewhere we hadn't yet been to once a week. So far, we've been to the North Carolina Museum of History:

and then yesterday we finally made it to the Raleigh Times Bar downtown:

which, in case you didn't already know, is on the site where the Raleigh Times Newspaper was published ... fish & chips AND restoration of a historic structure? Be still my heart. Maybe we aren't too far from the heart of Ireland after-all.

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