Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lexie Mae and the Couch-Scratching Saga

Lexie-Mae is THE sweetest cat ever, my wonderful little furball ... but she has VERY sharp nails! I really couldn't consider declawing her, but her accidental scratches that were caused when jumping on our expensive leather couch started to become a big problem! How could I keep Lexie from ruining my prized furniture?

See pictures below of Lexie-Mae loving her couch time ...

Lexie showing off her super sharp dragon-claw nails! eeek!

So what was our solution to the kitty-scratch problem?

Solution: Softpaws! 

I am so thrilled with this great alternative to declawing that I just had to share! Softpaws are thin caps that go right over sharp-claws - they come in tons of colors and Lexie hasn't even seemed to notice! I would never do it just because it's cute (even though it is!), but if a cat owner is faced with the possibility of declawing - clearly this is the perfect alternative.

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Joe and Melody said...

Can you say, 'Perfect Maincure 24/7.' Love it. It's like Lee Press On Nails for cats.