Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Car!

So after 4 years with the infamous Aztek, I've finally gotten a new car!!! For those that knew the Aztek well, it was a long overdue transition, but quite the memory maker. I remember being completely excited for my first car when I was in high school, and about 2 months in, I realized what a POS I was stuck with. It went with me on our senior spring break trip, vacation after high school graduation and onto my first day as a college student. 

Flash-forward 3 years and the window wouldn't roll down, the back door was jammed shut, the rearview mirror had a habit of falling off and even the Jesus on my rosary jumped off, embarrassed to be seen in the 'tek. I did love that ugly thing though.

UPGRADE! Now I have a brand spankin' new Ruby Red 2008 Saturn Vue! She was well worth the wait! So here's a toast - to the clunker that got me this far and the beauty that will take me the rest of the way

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