Monday, July 14, 2008

Summertime Ventures

It seems like this summer is FLYING by! Classes start in 6 weeks! I'd never thought I'd be excited to get back to sitting at desks for 3 hours at a time, going home to write 30 page papers and researching, researching, researching! - but I am! Although I've been working part time at Ann Taylor, I am dying to get back to History, retail is not the place for me, haha. 

Throughout the next few weeks I will work on starting my research on the religious architecture of Greensboro, there are some AMAZING churches here! Although I'll start with First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro, I'll research 5 in all:

First Presbyterian Church
Buffalo Presbyterian Church
West Market Street United Methodist Church
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church

These 2 photos are of First Presbyterian: (more will come - with better quality!)

Hopefully if all goes well I can get some of my work published, even though they'll be short essays I'm hoping I can make more out of the series, maybe a walking tour or seminar presentation on a few of the sacred places of the Gate City - I'll keep my progress updated! :) 

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