Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Orientations & Charlotte!

As I begin my cram session of orientations here at UNCG I can't help but think that everyone must assume I'm walking around confused on the campus because I'm a new freshman. I wish I could wear a sign saying "NO! I'm NOT a freshman and NO I won't be living in the dorm near you!" 

I've found out after my registration session with Dr. Filene that I am the ONLY Historic Preservation student in the History Department! Everyone else is Museum Studies, and I'll instead be sharing a number of classes with Interior Architecture students - pretty neat! I have my History Graduate Assistant orientation tonight and then regular Grad orientation in the morning, followed by the History Grad orientation tomorrow night, followed by a welcome party at Dr. Barton's house. Wish me luck! 

After a packed week, Shawn and I will be heading to Charlotte for the weekend and staying at the Historic Dunhill Hotel in uptown Charlotte to celebrate our 2 year anniversary!!! How exciting! We're dying to get a break from everyday life and spice things up a bit with a night on the town! :) 

A ton of things will be going on in the next few weeks - I'll keep everything posted! 

Perry McKenzie

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