Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Job Hunt

Since graduation is officially only 65 days away, I've been on a pretty fierce job hunt in the last few weeks.  Last year I couldn't WAIT to graduate because it meant:

- graduating with Masters
- getting a real job
- moving to a new city
- buying a house
- finishing the planning for my September wedding!
- get married
- begin life

Now that the time is so close, that picture seems to be changing.

After calling 32 preservation organizations, I have spoken with:

6 people who encouraged me in my search, but told me they didn't have any jobs.
3 rude secretaries. 
10 answering machines.
2 directors who had full out discussions with me on the future of preservation.
7 people who tell me there are "no jobs" but ask for my resume.
1 person tell me it's okay to wait tables.
1 person who suggested a different field entirely.
2 foundations who had potential jobs and liked my resume, but lost funding.

Now it seems the outlook may look something like this:
- graduate with Masters
- work retail job
- continue living in small 500 square foot apartment
- volunteer at Preservation organization
- get married
- find part time preservation job

All in all, the second version isn't bad at all now that I see it written out. It just seems like if I can't get a job with my new degree before the wedding, I don't really feel like a responsible adult! I want to feel like the last 2 years were worth the effort and stress and being turned away so many times it is flat out disheartening. At what point am I supposed to give up on finding a paid preservation job and try to find ANY job.

 In the long run, everyone has encouraged me that even though it may take awhile, I'll find something eventually. Until then, I'll focus on finishing my degree and getting my name out there.

... and if I have to stay in this tiny apartment, I WILL be painting a wall or two, I don't care what Shawn says.

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