Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baseball Season

Oh how I love baseball season!!! - not because I'm a sports freak (I would really rather watch a romantic movie any day) ... but because it signals the end of Hockey season. I won't have to sit through another 3 hour block of time watching the 'Canes play until after Shawn and I return home from our honeymoon (wonderful timing, right?) ... ahhh sweet sweet baseball season, welcome back my friend. I prefer you in the beautiful weather with dip n dots and hot dogs to sitting on the couch bored out of my mind for the 3rd night in a week, sulking over the gray winter months that keep me indoors.

To mark this fabulous transition, we went out to see a baseball game in Winston-Salem with Mike and Danielle ... nice weather, happy people, dance- numbers and free t-shirts (not that I actually managed to snag a t-shirt, but the opportunity was there!), and a big WIN for the home team = happy Perry.


Joe and Melody said...

Is it wrong that the first thing I noticed in this picture was how amazingly wonderful and enormously glorious your ring looks side view propped up on Shawn's shoulder?! Lookin' good, girl.

Perry McKenzie said...

Why thank you!! ;) Can't get enough of hearin' that!!