Wednesday, July 23, 2008

523 Julian Street

On my first summer off I can't seem to sit and enjoy having nothing to do, so I've managed to find a few things to fill my time! As mentioned before I've been researching First Presbyterian for Landmarks magazine, however my deadline isn't until September 15th, so I've been able to do my first paid  bit of Historical Research! 

So far my research has only proven the home was around since 1910 (based on deeds, Sandborn maps, houses around it and the thirteenth US Census), but we'll see. Based on loans the owner of the property took out in 1908, I think he may have built the home around that time. 

The owner of the home currently is applying for a grant that will help pay to fix the home's porch, and my research will serve as the abstract for that grant, but the deadline is July 31st! He may be pushing the deadline a bit, but hopefully all will come together! 

I'll be getting a number of photos of the home tomorrow, so I will update later! :)

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