Monday, January 11, 2010

The dress has been hunted down, found, and captured!

After trying on something close to 80 dresses, I finally chose the one I will be wearing on my wedding day! (It only took me 10 months of searching - glad I had a long engagement!) I found my special dress when I happened to have my mom and aunt with me (who have only come on 2 of about 16 trips to dress stores). I had a dress that I liked and I wanted to show mom, to make it look beautiful and to show her that it was the best choice, so I brought her in and choose 4 other random (and completely different) dresses to make the one I was interested in stand out. While I was jabbering to the sales lady as she helped me get dressed, I looked in the mirror and one of the "randoms" I chose completely shocked me! It was nothing like I had been looking for (maybe why it took me so long) and the total opposite of what I had picked out, but it screamed plantation, and it screamed "Perry!" Although it took me a number of months to get the courage to buy it, I finally took the plunge! I feel so beautiful and I wish I had more than one day to wear it!

I'm so grateful that my last and final decision for the wedding has been made before classes start back for the Spring semester! Although I still have all the little loose ends to tie up in the next few months, I'm going to need as much as time as possible dedicated to my Comprehensive exams and thesis ... I don't know what I'm looking forward to more at this point - the wedding or finishing with grad school!

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Joe and Melody said...

CONGRATS Perry! Now it's on to accessories .... purse, shoes, jewelry, etc. That's where I'm stuck at right now. Ahh, decisions.