Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When I dream of my wedding day...

When I dream of my wedding day, I don't always picture me in a big white dress, meandering down an aisle while all eyes are on me, ooing over the dress (that I FINALLY picked out!). For me, I have a different vision....

I picture my future husband at the end. Smiling back at me with his red hair highlighted by the light from the sunset, a huge smile and sparkling green eyes. I picture the wedding and ceremony as terribly exciting and all too brief.

Finally, I picture waking up next to my best friend and hopping a plane to Ireland. Yes, two of the most exciting (and unexpectedly fun) decisions have been my groom's attire and the honeymoon.

When looking through men's attire, I fell in love with the cutaway jacket, or morning coat. While some people say their dress finds them, this suit found me. It screamed of turn-of-the-century English gentleman. Throw it on the man of my dreams, Mr. Shawn Adams and it's all too perfect. Completely and utterly looking forward to seeing him standing there at the end of the aisle in it with that beautiful teal tie. After the best evening of my life, I simply can't wait to spend a week traveling the Irish countryside as the new Mrs. Adams with my brand new hubby by my side!

... I really need to put down the romance novels. It can't be healthy to have read 4 since classes ended in December.

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Joe and Melody said...

I'm right there w/you, girlie! Joe looks at me all the time and says, "Boy, I can't wait to get to St. Lucia." It's really more about the time you and your future hubby will be sharing and less about all the material things. At least your priorities are in line. No bridezilla!