Thursday, October 21, 2010

All in a day's work ...

Just prior to the wedding and honeymoon, I had another big event - this one for the company I work for. We held our annual awards banquet, known as the Anthemion Awards on September 20th. So much went into the event, it felt like a second wedding (minus the excitement of me being in a big white dress and all that jazz). So much work went into preparing for it! - from the award presentation boards, to setting up the room, preparing the guest list, donation spreadsheets, countless phone calls and one very difficult maneuvering session where I managed to cram 11 full-size professional display easels into my car ... It went very well and everyone enjoyed a great evening, but boy am I glad it's behind us! :) Now, to prepare for next year!!

The presentation boards I made by hand for each award winner ... lots of work but they turned out so well it was worth it! :) 

This is a close up of one of our award winner boards; this little gem was renovated and is now used as a bridal dress shop! (I loved this particular errand! So many pretty things inside and I got to take pictures of it!) 

We had a full house - every seat at the Irregardless Cafe was filled with supporters and award winners! 

The best part of the night is that my sweetie got to join me! He helped out at the front door and then enjoyed the show while I took pictures - it was fun to have him see what I do!

After the party was over and the guests had left ... it was up to Shawn and I to get all of the easels back into the car, but finally - we did it!! 

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