Monday, October 25, 2010


I've always had a love of buildings, spaces, design, expression and aesthetic. Early on, it was my love of classical architecture, statues and poetry that led me to major in Classical Civilizations ... I wanted to learn what inspired them to be so great that they in turn became inspirations to the rest of history. When I finished my undergraduate, I looked for a way to apply my focus in history to the buildings themselves. To me spaces and structures spoke, and it was important that those who could hear them would stand up to speak on their behalf. I spent the next two years pursuing my Masters with a focus on Historic Preservation, which has lead me to where I am now, working for a local nonprofit and serving to advocate for the historic built environment.

During my last year in graduate school, I took a class on the History of Furniture ... we took a trip to the Hickory Furniture Market and I was HOOKED. Where had this been all my life when I constantly rearranged my bedroom as a child, when I sketched layouts of every apartment I lived in, and drooled over a side chair in the store window? Needless to say, I've been trying to get more and more daily inspiration (not that I have the money to implement it) but that isn't what matters, right?! Sometimes it's a blending of classical elements that I love, or an unexpected light fixture ...

I mean ... how could you see this chandelier and NOT have something to say about it? More often than not I am just enthralled with modern design that is playful or pays allegiance to historical precedent; whether it's text printed on linen, architectural elements used indoors, even family portraits displayed in all their glory ... love it! 

In my own home, beyond the high end interiors I drool over, my biggest inspiration is surrounding myself with things that mean something to me: from an old wooden cross my aunt brought back from Ethiopia, to a small heart-shaped box filled with memories of my father, to the amazing hand-made bowl my hubby and I picked up on our honeymoon in Ireland.

As I move beyond the excitement of planning a wedding, I'm looking forward to making our house a home together, and continuing the hunt for inspiration!

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Joe and Melody said...

I've got a plan. One empty Saturday this winter you come to ILM. I have an entire day's worth of places to take you. Antique shops. Buildings full of refurbished furniture, pictures, silver flatware, etc. I may even throw in this huge warehouse full of undiscovered pieces that need a coat of paint and some love. You would love it.