Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Daze

I blinked my eyes and all of the wedding preparation was over. It was time to make some memories that I'd retell for the rest of my life; after 19 months of waiting ... the big day was finally here: September 25th ... our wedding day. For a little taste of the wedding, see the short video below!

Boone Hall Wedding from BRITESIDE PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

It happened in a flurry, in a flash of sparkle and feather. Snapshots of streaming sunshine, ancient oak trees and sweaty friends remain vivid in my mind. It was nothing that I expected and everything I hoped for. I completely enjoyed planning and designing for the wedding, but I am so happy it's all behind me. Now comes the fun of waiting for the wedding pictures and enjoying the holidays with my new hubby. :)


Joe and Melody said...

Girl, I love this video! Brings back all the joy that filled that day. And now I'm going to forward it to everyone I know ... I have this obsession with wanting everyone to know how amazing and fun your wedding was! It's a problem. LOL.

Perry Ann Adams said...

So glad you like the video too! - and girl, you made my day with such a sweet compliment! :) Forward, away!