Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween with the Adams Family

As I eagerly await our first pumpkin carving together, I took a little time to practice on one of our "artificial" pumpkins. I thought that without the pumpkin goo mess, it would be soooo much easier ... 2 broken mini-carving knives later ... I realized it can by just as messy as little foam pieces dot our living room floor, and just as frustrating (mistakes happen just the same!) but it's still just as rewarding to see a finished carving all lit up! :)


Joe and Melody said...

Great job on the pumpkin. And amazing job on the redesign of your blog (love the title!). Great minds must think alike ... I've got a new blog look too. HG.

Perry Ann Adams said...

Why thank you for noticing! (A new blog design is like a new hair-do! - it's nice when people notice!!) ... I must admit I saw your fancy new blog and thought - well I need to spruce up around here too! ... I am still unsure if I'll keep it the new design, but it's nice for now! :)